Dream and do not hold back (en)

I'm an incurable dreamer. I've been accused by friends of chasing the things in my head. My mum has said the same thing, too. And these were not compliments. It was meant "your head is always in the clouds". I, on my part, doubt this is simple cloud business. I've been shaken by the sheer … Continue reading Dream and do not hold back (en)

Love is… (en/fr)

(En français ci-dessous) The expression “I love…” evokes different images and answers from different people. We use the same for our mothers, girlfriends, husbands, dogs, mac ‘n cheese and math. I believe we can’t love mac ‘n cheese in the same fashion as wives, for example. They each, by virtue of essence, require different responses. … Continue reading Love is… (en/fr)